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Vote-system BO3

Post#1 » Mon Feb 08, 2016 7:34 pm

For me this seems to be the most fair system:

in a bo3


1. you can get rid of maps you dont want to play in general

2. you can get rid of maps you dont want to play vs THIS specific opponent

3. you can guess what maps ur opponent will remove and since u know what maps u will remove urself u can practice the last 3 remaining maps right away


1. your teams favorit map wont get played cuz other team dropped it cuz they dont like it in general

2. your teams favorit map wont get played cuz other team dropped it because they THINK that they know that ur good on

3. you can guess what maps ur opponent will remove and since u know what maps u will remove urself u can practice the last 3 remaining maps but everything doesnt go the way u thought it would and u practised the wrong 3 remaining maps. Or atleast some of them are wrong maybe not all 3

to sum up the problem i see with current system:

I think we agree that in general all maps are different and some maps in both modes ictf and ift favor lets say agressive playstyle more and some favor defensive playstyle more. Also each team consists out of 4 players so even if 1 map fits 3 players doesnt mean it fits to all 4.

Then there basically is a mappool given by OF crew in our case so that means u have to play under the given circumstances and maybe ur disadvantaged right away because most of the maps does not fit with ur teams style of play and those maps favor another team more then yours.

So with the old system when its pick pick drop drop drop drop pick your basically fucked when thats the case cause you cant prevent the opponent from picking his strongest map. so even if ur 0-300 vs team X on japanese or retribution u cant do shit about it you've to lose another time even tho you know you wont win anyways.

Now the mapvoting with drop drop drop drop pick pick pick COULD equalize those pre-set circumstances and give BOTH teams the ability to have an impact and make a equal fight on maps both teams _LIKE_! Its not that you've to play 3 weird maps, its 3 maps you actually WANT to play, otherwise you would remove them urself, since _BOTH_ teams have the ability to remove 2 maps.. its not that one team is disadvantaged.

Maybe on lets say future crossings/lost world the chances would be different? maybe on future/Lost the game would be more entertaining to watch? maybe the game on future/Lost would be closer and not a rape? Would it be more fair and more equal that way? I do believe so.

Someone said if you play with remove maps system the "interesting" maps will get removed. I think exactly the opposite will happen. There are 5 new maps added for iCTF and im pretty sure the most played maps this nations cup will still be japs/future with old rules. With remove system tho I'd remove japs for example when playing a stronger/more experienced team on that map. Everyone would do that in that position (I guess), so a new map will be played instead. Thats basically what you wanted otherwise why did you add the new maps in the first place?

Remember, its ONLY changing the bo3 during groupstages and its actually not that big of a deal. You still have to win ALL maps of the pool to take home the championship. So if you're a contender it shouldn't bother you at all cause uve to know all maps anyways.

THIS way makes each bo3 MUCH more interesting compared to pick pick drop drop drop drop pick cuz theres so much strategy and mindgames going on.

So the SOFT version, that i suggested for nations cup was:


This is also more fair/equal than pick-pick-drop-drop-drop-drop-pick but just a lighter version of the previously mentioned system. I mostly suggested THIS version for NC, because there is not much time left to practise maps. And it would suck if you practise a map specifically compared to others and it gets removed. I think at NC the reason of removing a map will be that you totally dont like a specific map such as cursed, and not that you saw team X practising on "push" the whole time to fuck them up.

OVERALL I THINK: its not quite necessary to make the change for nationscup now. You should keep it like it is and make a move when the NC is done. Publish the Mappool and drop-drop-drop-drop-pick-pick-pick system right away after NC has ended and no one will prepare only for his strongest map when everyone knows it can be removed. So nobody will be fucked up and nobody will complain and matches will be alot more interesting. Test it for 1 cup and judge AFTERWARDS!

Please share your opinion on this matter and if you find other pros/cons and point them out!

Maybe its just me who thinks that this way would be much better, so in case im totally off here, please tell me why you think I'm wrong. But in case you agree with this statement, please let us know and leave a comment here. Without any response all efforts are worthless..


For 7 map pool the soft version will be the best in my opinion - drop-drop-pick-pick-drop-drop-pick. (for bo3 match).

Well the way it is now one team always has an disadvantage cause the one who wins cointos can pick two maps.With your first suggestion theres no need to pick a third map cause there is only 1 left,but al your favorit maps can be dropped ending with 3 maps no one likes...

Currently the bo3 system is pick-pick-drop-drop-drop-drop-pick. So actually ur wrong here. Its just that people dont even know about the rules and played it like that. pick-pick- cointoss-> pick..... which basically is the worst situation u could have.

They know about the rule, but so far not used that rule because we had usual 3-4 maps (japs-iron-shin) that would all agree upon and there was no need for some deeper philosophy. And nobody cared if japs is 1st or 2nd or even 3rd and reversed because eventually all 3 maps would be played... That boring system from before, we are breaking now with different maps

Okay, we both generalized here. Maybe some did know the rules and just didnt care and maybe some didnt know the rules and just didnt know better that also could be the reason why they didnt complain. What you say only makes sense for iCTF, and even here Its your personal opinion. I did care about the system even with the old mappool from last cup, both, ictf and ift. So stop generalizing please. You also have to consider iFT and not only iCTF.

Yes you are right, in both modes iFT and iCTF basically ALL maps were playable and known to everyone. Thats mainly the reason why the old system with pick-pick-cointoss->pick even worked. That doesnt have anything to do with the voting system. The system I suggested makes even more sense with new maps so I dont get ur point.

The lack of imagination from some people that still think the pick-pick-cointoss->pick system would still work with new maps makes me sick. Later everyone will blame the new mappool because they dont understand that the old bo3 system is the real pain in the ass. When your whole team hates cursed and you have to play cursed cuz other team picked it is FUN TIMES.

short example how it could go:
Japanese castles – MKbase – q3wcp10 (Crude Crossings) – Cursed – Divided crossings – Future Crossings – Push

team A dislikes THE MOST -> cursed-divided crossings
team B dislikes THE MOST -> cursed-future crossings

team a vetoes cursed -> team b vetoes future crossings -> team a vetoes divided crossings -> team b vetoes mkbase

-> japs / q3wcp10 / push
WOOOW, such bad maps to play a bo3 on. They all hate japs q3wcp10 and push and they cant do shit about it and have to play it now. fuck that system.

Please stick to the old system.

Reading this is like:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Get a life. Its only a fun-game 8-)

the sad thing is i really thought i could make ppl think about it and wanted them to realize that its better but obviously they dont even care :-D the saddest thing tho is that this is the first time i agree with what you say sparx. total waste of time here :lol:

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