Updates with vitamin B, C, D for the whole family

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Updates with vitamin B, C, D for the whole family

Post#1 » Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:29 am

Howdy Rocket Leaguers!

People asked me , what is your aspiration in life? I told them its... well it's not really important right now. What is important however is that we have reached Round 5 this week which means we are only 1 week away from the final stage!

Present & Future
We know that Group B didn't have much luck with two of the teams leaving, but we hope that they don't lose their will to continue and finish their group stage.
During these weeks we admins have noticed a few things we need to change for the next cup. One of them is the scheduling matches system. Hopefully we will be able to find an easier way to do it for the next up. The new scheduling system will make it possible for us to deliver better streams and make it easier for us to administrate. So we hope @everyone will be patient during our progress.

Easter Break
We have decided to take an easter break after all because a lot of people have been asking for it. This will give the teams the opportunity and time to play their matches before the final stage starts. So it's been decided that all teams have until 3rd of April to play their matches. The final stage will be starting the 4th of April.

We like to remind a few teams to play their matches as soon as possible. The round 1 of the final stage are held during 4th and 10th of April and will be Best of 5.

Teams who have to play their games till 3rd of April
Crazy Eight vs Stumbling Rockets - Round 3
MotherFLYING Cyka Nuggets vs Provoke - Round 4

Taxi vs Crazy Eight - Round 5
Provoke vs Jin-x - Round 5
Elite Three vs Beerseekers - Round 5
Team Lauring vs Team Noobsters - Round 5
Olls Wurst vs WeRapeStuff - Round 5

We will be coming out with more information as soon as the final stage has started.

OverFrag Rocket League Admins

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